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Kırık Tebesüm Gürpınar'a güneş hep vaktinden önce doğar, vaktinden çok sonra batardı. Güneş bile bu güzel yürekli insanlardan ayrılmak istemezdi. Bazen başımı alıp gidesim geliyor. Düşüncelerimi, çare arayışımı sığdıracağım hiçbir bavul bulamıyorum, kalıyorum. Mutlu olmak için, Gürpınar'ın sıcacık insanlarını, şırlıltılı derelerini alı al, moru mor, yeşilin her tonunun ayrı güzel olduğu meyve bahçelerini gören bir pencere açardım yorgun ruhuma. O ilahi koku evlat kokusu. Beni hep sabra zorlayan, dayanma gücü veren, yaşama nedenim evlatlarımdı….

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Kırık Tebessüm


I read this book like a novel while lying in a crumpled up bed with days of clothes and dirty tissues and water bottles spread around me. Perhaps it is a little like watching an exercise show on television while sitting and eating bon-bons. Much of it seemed like common sense, but it was motivating. I felt like I was chatting with an older woman (a mother or a sister or a friend) who could give me advice on life. Some of it was great. At other times, I didn't think her ideas really fit my life (and sometimes ideas seemed a little out-dated.) Her advice coming in book-form made these easy to ignore anything irrelevant with no offense to anyone (which is a great advantage over having someone in the room with you). I think she mentioned cleaning up her make-up bags and bins etc. so many times that I just thought, "Lady, you could simplify your life a lot by just not buying and carrying and applying make-up so regularly." That said, I would love to have her for a visit. I found she had a strong and realistic sense to her. And, just like focusing on happiness seems to make you a little more happy, I think that just thinking about organizing was a step in the right direction. Although I will forget much of her specific advice, she repeated the main steps so often, towards the end, I found myself using them/adapting them to my own clutter. Question Unpack Evaluate Eliminate Neaten up

2020-09-16 06:31


I like her first book better. This one is basically a repetitive to Why Men Love Bitches(WMLB) but this one was written in lousy way. There is nothing new in this book. Its boring. In why Men Love Bitches (WMLV), I agree with her points almost 98% (2% points less because I do not agree about she telling women not to cook full course meal for men....Because for me, I'll do it, I cook what ever I want, no matter how hard or long it takes to cook what I want to cook, I cook because it makes me happy and I love it. So, who cares if my men dont appreciate it, because I cook it for my own happiness, at the first place). However, this book (WMMB) makes me sad....It seems that she tried to transform us, women, into some intolerant creatures who cant use her logical mind or even being practical....This book seems to cancel out all positive vibes I seeded into my soul which was driven by her first book. I was just broke up with my man when I first read her first book (WMLB), and it motivated me, that, with WMLB, I managed to get out of the blues in very short period. But her second book, this book (WMMB) makes me feel otherwise....and i feel weak. YES...its true, we have to be affirmative, we have to have pride, we should not depends our happiness on men, we cant tolerate or take BS from men, ...but sometimes, we just have to flow with the blow. It stressed me out, by reading this book,it kindda makes me lost, that I can no longer makes my/the right decision. We women, we have this extra aerial that allow us to sense that something is wrong, sometimes we need to follow our gut, unfortunately this gut we have are not usually obeying her principles in WMMB. Thats why women are special. My advice, DONT BE WEAK, BUT DONT BE TOO STUBBORN EITHER. Love yr man, but love yourself too, at least as equally as you love your men. Never love yourself lesser, and never be selfish too.

2020-08-31 10:08

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Yazar: Zeus Kitabevi

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Yazar: Zeus Kitabevi


Yazar: Zeus Kitabevi